Nigel Waters – Artist and how he supports THF

January 12, 2016

nigelwatersArtist Nigel Walters is a long-standing supporter of THF.  He sells his abstract paintings via charity eBay, donating 10% of every picture he sells to the charity.

​He writes:
“Being a successful artist, I wanted to give something back to aspiring young artists in all branches of the arts who live in Devon being the local area to me.  I was inspired by Helen’s story and what she had achieved in her short life and thought it was a great tribute to her to set up a Foundation to help other young people pursuing the arts. I wanted to give others the chance to make their first steps on the path to pursuing their artistic dreams.  With young people who don’t have the finances to start off I am proud that the money I raise goes to support them to complete their early under-19 education in the arts so that perhaps they too can go to University to study the Arts and pursue their own artistic ambitions and careers.

I am a Graduate Professional Artist with a BA Fine Art With First Class Honours from Plymouth University and specialise in creating affordable abstract paintings with a vast catalogue of UK and International Sales, I have an established reputation within the art market. My interests include abstraction, landscape, relief abstract landscape metal artworks, St Ives Artists for example Peter Lanyon, Mining Coastline of Cornwall, Jackson Pollock, Abstract Expressionism, Drip Painting, Modernist Abstract Artists Such as John Hoyland and Barbara Hepworth.

I have exhibited at The Brick Lane Gallery, London, Exeter University Innovation Centre, Exeter University Northcott Theatre, Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton, White Space Gallery, Axminster and Black Swan Arts, Frome.

Currently, I’m working on a number of abstract artworks for release in 2016 on  Link to my profile page where all donations are generated and links out to all listed items. Currently 418 items.  Perhaps this will encourage readers of the newsletter to buy items therefore increasing donations.  Not all listings have a donation on them but most of the higher value items have at least a 10% donation.

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