Now we are Six…Song writing in the DLP

July 21, 2013

Children from six primary schools within Dawlish Learning Partnership have been involved in an exciting song writing project recently. The project, supported by The Helen Foundation and Action for Children had the children from each school looking at the history of their individual school and thinking about how learning at school has changed over the years. The children talked to parents, grandparents, teachers and staff about what school was like for them and what games they played when they were at school.

These memories were then all brought together at a workshop for all six schools, where children with a talent for creative writing were challenged to turn these memories into the lyrics for a song.

During the same workshop Gifted and Talented Musicians from each school were asked to compose the music for the song with the help of  professional musicians Kit Hardee and Dan Sheldon. It was amazing to see the children working so hard during the day.

By the end of the afternoon, they had created the song with both music and lyrics! All the children, musicians, vocalists and songwriters got on board the “tour bus” and started their tour of the DLP schools, that included a stop at each of the schools involved:  Gatehouse, Westcliff, Cockwood, Starcross, Kenton and Exminster. The DLP Band performed the song live to the rest of each school.  The children really did get to experience life as a band on tour!

Finally, the children were given the opportunity to enter the recording studio.  The musicians and vocalists all spent an exciting day at Broadwater Recording Studio, Exeter where,with the help of Dez, they recorded the Memories song.  Click here to read more about this project and listen to the song!

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