Offer to Local Schools – Art-Based Funding £250-£300

October 18, 2015

We are offering local schools £250-£300 of Arts-Based Funding

Each September, the Helen Foundation writes to Teignbridge schools inviting them to take up the charity’s offer of subsidised arts-based workshops run by professional artists in their schools.  Schools themselves select the type of artist they want and the time of the year they wish them to work with their young people.

Normally it costs £250-300 to employ an artist in a school for a day.  The Helen Foundation is offering schools £250 for 2015-6 to underwrite the costs of an artist-based day. This means that, in most cases, schools will pay no more than about £50 for an artist-led workshop day.

 The offer is for:
primary schools one artist day per year
secondary and special schools two artist days per year.

This is a lower offer overall than in previous years but 2014-2015 was one of the most expensive in terms of charity expenditure in the charity’s nine-year history.  This was owing to increased take-up of subsidies by schools across Teignbridge and by the challenging fund-raising environment that many small charities are facing.  If Trustees are able to offer schools further support this year, schools will be informed in early 2016.

We look forward to hearing from schools in response to the emailed invitation letter sent in September.

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