Rangoli Inspired Mosaics at Ide Primary

December 15, 2013

thf_ide_600x350 As part of the school’s ‘Light and Dark’ week, Ide Primary School invited artist Monica Shanta Brown to create a mosaic on this theme, influenced by rangoli patterns linked to Diwali, to be displayed in the school’s foyer as a long term display.

Ruth Goodwin from Ide writes:
The workshop was simply wonderful. Monica went to a lot of trouble to visit school beforehand and plan carefully her two visits.  She brought films of rangoli patterns being made which the children loved. While one group designed patterns, she had another group in the hall creating huge patterns using rice she had coloured.  Then they swapped.  The rice rangoli were huge and stunning.  We had some Hindu visitors in the afternoon and they were so delighted to see them and incorporated them into their talk about Diwali. After school, the parents came and saw them too. Monica took away the children’s designs and returned on Friday with a treasure trove of materials for the mosaics and the boards to cement them onto. thf_ide2_600x350

The children said:

I learnt that…
‘when you make rangoli out of rice you have to make sure the colours don’t get mixed together’
‘you can make rangoli patterns out of coloured rice!’
‘you can put all sorts of colours into a mosaic’
‘rangoli can be made with many things.’
‘you have to be very patient to do mosaics.’

‘My favourite part of the day…
‘I loved making a mosaic and playing with the rice and the feel of the rice’
‘the rice because it was fiddly and fun!’
‘choosing the colours for the mosaic.’
‘seeing all the amazing colours and colour combinations.’

Some of the things we found difficult..
‘putting the coloured rice in the spaces!’
‘not getting the rice mixed up’
‘I did not want to get cement on my fingers! ‘

Messages to workshop leader
‘I thought it was a really fun day and I would love it if you could come and teach us more art in school!’
‘I really love doing it.’
‘I love colours and all the feel of things.’
‘You were probably the best person to do this with.’
‘Thank you sooo much. You are my inspiration!’

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