Recent Helen Foundation Bursaries

March 7, 2014

THF Bursaries have recently been granted to three talented young people who need support in pursuing their ambitions in the arts. We preserve the privacy of recipients unless they wish to have their names revealed. The names below are fictitious to protect identities.

 Jack is a star drummer but was having great difficulty practicing in his small terrace house owing to neighbours objecting to the noise. A THF bursary is helping to purchase an electronic drum kit so Jack can continue to work hard practising for his coming Grade 8 assessment.  Good luck, Jack!

Jennie needed help with her singing lessons owing to strains on the family budget and having interviewed her and received glowing reports from her singing teacher, THF was able to support Jennie with her lessons and exam fees.

Paula comes from a challenging home background but has a great talent and passion for theatre.  A THF bursary is helping pay fees at a local drama school that she is loving!

A huge thank you to all THF supporters and fund-raisers who make such bursaries possible.

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