Rhythms of the World in the Teign Valley

June 14, 2013

The Teign Valley Learning Community comprises 10 schools in the heart of Teignbridge. Each year, they join together to put on an ambitious arts-based event to celebrate their community and the work of their young people. This year they successfully applied for special funding from The Helen Foundation for Rhythms of the World, a multi-cultural festival celebrating food, dance, story and art from around the world: Africa, Asia, Australasia, and Europe.

It was a wonderful celebratory event with enormous enthusiasm shown by the hundreds of participating young people. Primary school pupils have been learning about catering by going regularly to the food technology department at Teign Academy. They helped cater for the whole event with five different types of food from across the world. Delicious!

THF Friend, Charley Cooke, represented THF at the event: “It was brilliant! The youngsters were very happy and enthusiastic about the art work and presentation in the hall. There was a compere who was very good and linked the whole presentation together really well.

The Helen Foundation was mentioned several times and got a good round of applause for the sponsorship. It was clear from the work the youngsters had been doing that they all carry a better knowledge and understanding of different cultures and the world they live in. The children thrived when working together in this way. I believe bringing all the schools together really encourages unity and strength within our community”

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