School workshop roundup – July 2013

July 21, 2013

The summer time is a busy period for THF-sponsored school workshops.  Here’s a flavour of some of them:

Dancers Florence Briot and Jenny Read led dance workshops at the school recently and the children performed to the whole school!  Florence is an expert in Indian Dance and Jenny in North American dance.  The dance workshops were part of a multi-cultural arts week that celebrated music, dance and cultures across the world – including food!

Artists Ali Roscoe and John Roberts worked with teachers and children during Denbury School’s Arts Week in a series or co-ordinated workshops that used recycled materials to create lovely art-work.  From bug-hotels to painted jam jars, from paper animal masks to milk-bottle elephants, the children had a rich and diverse arts experience.

  Denbury elephant head 2013       Denbury painted jam jars 2013

Afterwards, the children sent THF afterwards lovely thank you letters with comments such as:

I am writing to say thank you for the awesome amount of money that made this arts week awesome !  The best  thing was painting glass jars ! And again a big thank you for making this arts week special.

 I enjoyed all the groups but I mostly enjoyed the mask-making run by Mrs Martin.  It put a smile on all our faces.

It was totally epic that day, thank you, thank you, thank you so much.  The artist was epic.  He was so artistic.

MED, a theatre company based in this Dartmoor town, worked with class 6 at the school over a series of sessions to write, direct and perform a play – from scratch!  Starting with a host of possible ideas, the children selected a dark Dartmoor legend about love and jealousy as the basis for their play The Village that they performed to parents and the whole school.  Well done everyone!

The Village crowd scene Moretonhampstead July 2013 The Village actors Moretonhampstead July 2013

Bishopsteignton had a nasty encounter recently with The Big Bad Wolf, courtesy of artists Peter Kyrke-Smith and Rachel Vowles…In the THF-subsidised workshop, the Little Red Riding Hood story was turned into a musical play with a new twist on the events.  In this version, the wolf was not killed by a woodcutter but had his teeth taken out by a dentist!


The children said:
“All day, Peter and Rachel gave us top tips on drama and singing.  We learned that we did not need props, we could just use our bodies to create things that would take a long time to make. Also, we discovered how to work together to create scenes.  This was tricky because there were 50 of us for Rachel to organise the dances and movement for.  We really enjoyed the day.  It was fabulous.  Thank you to the artists for offering their time to give us such a great day and thank you to The Helen Foundation, too, from the children and staff.”

Headteacher Kate Edwards writes:
“Widecombe engaged artist Scott Walker to work with the children to create nine huge boards for us to put up around the playground.They look amazing and I am going to attach a picture for you to admire! As well as totally engaging the children in this artwork, Scott was also extremely kind and approachable with all the children, so all in all it was a fantastic two days which we would never have been able to afford without
your support.”


The children said:
‘It was good because it was a whole school activity.’  Emily
‘It was a good opportunity to experiment and try out new things.’  Esme
‘I loved being able to just think about colouring.’
‘It was a great experience and very enjoyable.’  Bibi
‘I loved using the acrylic pens which I had never used before.’  Jack
‘I loved how it was really colourful and everyone joined in.’
‘He was a really happy and friendly artist and I really enjoyed working with him.’  

 Widecombe does great art work! Well done everyone.


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