School Workshops Round Up October 2012

October 30, 2012

Helen Foundation-sponsored workshops have already begun in schools.

St Catherine’s School,Heathfield

St catherine's school workshop

Supported by Foundation funding, artist Bridget Arnold ran a series of poetry workshops for children at St Catherine’s School, Heathfield recently. The children explored the school grounds and brought back their ideas and drawings of the natural things they saw, creating lovely shapes of butterflies, snails, flowers , leaves – and worms!

A really enjoyable workshop! Bridget will fire and clear glaze the slipware items and they will hang in a display in the school’s library area.

Shaldon School

Shaldon school workshop

Shaldon School continues to enjoy its new buildings and has ambitious plans to decorate an outside wall with mosaic panels designed and made by the children guided by renowned mosaic artist Michelle Greenwood Brown.

Headteacher Cheryl Weyman writes:
Our first half-term’s learning experience is called The Journey of an Artist and our outcome is going to be an art exhibition and a mosaic on the side of the school building showing our interpretation of Shaldon Village. Already our children have been out and about in Shaldon taking photos, sketching etc. Each class has a different aspect of the village to focus on. There have been visits to see the work of John Skinner, local artists, Trinity and next week we are taking Years 4, 5 and 6 to the Tate in London.

Our aim is for them to go through the same process that an artist does so we were lucky enough to see some artists’ journals created by some talented students at Trinity School.

The picture shows Michelle talking to the children after showing them an animated film she created to help the children understand the process of making a mosaic. The results promise to be stunning and we shall bring you an update next month.

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