Oh Yes They Did!

January 3, 2013

The Helen Foundation began 2013 with a real lift provided by Shaldon Theatre Company. Traditionally, the Friday performance of the pantomime has been dedicated to the charity and this year was no exception. We saw Shaldon talent showcased and the audience were once again very generous in buying raffle tickets and donating through the retiring bucket collection to benefit the Foundation.

The evening raised £350, an exceptional total. Thank you Shaldon Theatre Company and everyone who helped on the benefit evening for being such a great support!

Helen learned all her early stage-craft from the company and loved appearing in the shows as a young child and an adolescent. It’s brilliant that the company still attracts large numbers of young people. Well done everyone!

This support follows that from The Teignmouth Players (featured in January’s THF newsletter), with whom Helen also enjoyed performing. The Players gave great support to THF as well at the end of December by offering us tickets for their pantomime Treasure Island and this raised over £200. Terrific!

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