Song in a day at Newton Abbot College

April 11, 2015

Musician Hugh Nankivell leads composing, playing and song-writing workshops and Newton Abbot College Music Team Leader Rob Wilkinson engaged Hugh to work with his year 11 GCSE students for a day to compose a pop song. With the students, Hugh explored issues like: how we compose songs?  is it words or music first? is composing done alone or can you do it in a group?

Students throughly enjoyed the day, though a bit daunted by the challenge at the start!

Rob writes:

Yes, students had not had much experience of song writing and singing in the past and so were a little unsure at the beginning of the session. However, by the end of the day all  had composed their own songs and were confident enough to perform them in front of the class. All appeared to enjoy the workshop. They responded well and were stretched as learners. The workshop was pitched by Hugh at the correct level so that all could participate.”

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