Story-telling and Dance at St.Michael’s Primary

January 12, 2016

thf_storytellingDancer Pip Jones worked with pupils at St Michael’s School, Kingsteignton on a story-telling, dance and movement project. Hannah Bray, from St Michael’s, wrote afterwards: “I spoke to the teachers after the workshops today and they fed back that the sessions were absolutely wonderful for the children and that each class was thoroughly engaged and inspired.”

Teacher feedback: “The children really enjoyed the workshop and were very excited for the whole hour! Pip was really great with them. They couldn’t say anything that they didn’t like!”

Teacher feedback: “I was able to take ideas from the workshop to use in my own teaching.”

Teacher feedback: “Very well organised. Great to link the workshop to a story.”

Children’s feedback: “I liked the whole entire thing.”
“I liked being ice statues and rolling on the snow.”
“I liked the lady and making different shapes.”
“We liked the feather blowing.”
“I liked cracking the code.”
“The music was really nice. It was all really fun.”
“I liked making shapes with my body.”
“I liked making a river with my friends.”

The teachers found the sessions so worthwhile that they were asking Pip Jones how they could incorporate her ideas into their teaching. We are looking forward to sharing the photos that were taken.

The children benefit so much from having a specialist visitor come into school and I can’t thank the Foundation enough for giving us the opportunity to offer these workshops to the children. Dawn Kelly, our art coordinator, has contacted you in previous years and has said how fantastic and vital foundations like The Helen Foundation are, so that the children all have the chance to access and gain so much from the creative arts. We greatly appreciate your generous support.”

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