Story telling at St. Joseph’s, Newton Abbot

April 3, 2013

THF Friend and supporter, Diana Dicker, went to visit St. Joseph’s where Gill Nathanson & Bill Buffery of Multi Story Theatre Company gave a THF-sponsored workshop on story-telling.

Diana reported back:
St Joseph’s assembly Hall resounds to the sound of happy children with their “imagination hats” on, creating exaggerated facial expressions and movements.

The youngsters have accepted the invitation “to pretend…in the centre of the room is something and I don’t know what it is.”

Inspired by ideas generated from the children, Gill and Bill lead Year 1 into the creation of jungles with elephants and tigers, a cave, a tightrope over a giant waterfall and a haunted house populated by tarantulas. No image could be repeated in this magical world, a simple platform to generate fantastic scenes with the script written by the children themselves.

“This is a particularly bubbly group,” Bill says, “with many individual ideas.”

Acting happy, the children leap and jump then freeze into a happy statue but have to keep being happy just with their eyes.

“This is kinetic learning, accessing physical intelligence,” Gill says. “It’s a very good learning tool for fidgeters.”

As the workshop ends, the children are instructed to make up their own happy endings to the theatrical tales as they creep away, back to class, extending the creativity of the day and on, into their lives.

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