Storytelling at Stokeinteignhead

October 7, 2018

Trustees received a real treat when they opened the THF post-holiday summer mail to find a huge thank you card sent by children from Stokeinteignhead School following a terrific THF workshop day with storyteller Clive Pig.   Enclosed with the card was letter from teacher Joanna Crathorne:
“I am writing on behalf of Stokeinteignhead Primary to say a very big thank you for your very generous contribution towards our storytelling workshop with Clive Pig.

From start to finish, the children were treated to Clive Piggott’s wonderful and wacky tales from around the globe which he tells with great flair, which really engaged them all. He was fun and entertaining and the children really enjoyed a story-writing workshop which followed his storytelling. He valued all of their ideas and contributions; the children were so enthused, many took writing paper and pencils to the playground at lunchtime to create their own stories. No review can beat seeing children keen to write!

It is always very special to welcome arists from all backgrounds into school and I am a passionate believer that all children have the right to experience the arts in schools, especially as creative subjects can nowadays seem to feel marginalised by the new curriculum. Your financial contribution really has helped us continue to provide high quality learning in the arts for all children at our school, for which we are incredibly grateful.”

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