Taiko Drumming workshop feedback

December 14, 2014

ImageProxy-1In November, six schools in the Teignmouth Local Learning Partnership took part in a series of brilliant Taiko drumming workshops culminating in a multi-school performance.

Children at OLSP wrote:
Hannah:“They taught us the right attitude to Taiko drumming. Kata means fitness, like straight arms when you play the drums and Ki which means the excitement of drumming, the enthusiasm and the energy.”

Aiden: “It was really fun. I really enjoyed it , all the banging, the rhythm, the techniques and it gets your heart going.”

  • At Hazeldown, the children wrote:
  • I really liked the fact that we got to play together.  It sounded professional.  We got to work as a team.
  • The people that ran it were really friendly.  They were really clear in their instructions.  Very well organised.
  • The concert was fun because we performed at different times and got to watch other schools perform the same skills we had been learning.
  • I really enjoyed hitting the drum…HARD!
  • It was a proper lesson and they taught us the style and the beliefs behind it.
  • The people that run the Helen Foundation are role models for us.  We appreciate the opportunities they have given us.
  • I feel privileged to be a part of this massive opportunity.  To be able to perform with children from other schools was great.
  • To be nominated to do this activity was such a privilege.  The charity gave its time and money to give me the opportunity to do such an amazing thing – Thank you.

Helen McManus from Hazeldown School writes:
For those that performed, this was a fantastic opportunity. They really enjoyed playing with other schools and seeing what they had also been doing. They are still singing the song taught to them by Kip (lion, tiger, elephant, rhino, rat, hippo, snake)!

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