Teignmouth T.R.A.I.L Mosaic – Michelle Greenwood-Brown

October 18, 2015

THF_mosaicWith support from THF, artist Michelle Greenwood-Brown worked with 60 Year 9 students at Teignmouth Community School to produce a stunning mosaic sculpture for Teignmouth’s annual highly celebrated T.R.A.I.L sculpture event. (Click TRAIL for full details and further pictures.)

Called “Shoal Mates”, the mosaic sculpture highlights the Greenpeace campaign against over fishing and, in keeping with the TRAIL theme of celebrating recycling, most of the materials used were scrap or recycled ceramics. Michelle won the Community Group Public Vote Award.  

The sculpture was so popular it is going to be re-installed permanently at Teignmouth Community School for even more people to enjoy.  Well done everyone!

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