The Helen Foundation Award – Liam Carew

October 7, 2018

073cb7e5-a81c-4fcc-92e2-48c5ae0d262dGatehouse Primary Academy – Liam Carew for Performing Arts

The Helen Foundation Award is presented in Teignbridge schools to the young person who has shown, in their school’s own judgement, “best endeavour in the arts” .

At Gatehouse Primary Academy, Liam Carew received the Award and this is the citation written by the school.

“This year, Liam has proved himself to be a very talented performer – most notably in the end of year production of The Emerald Crown. He approached rehearsals with enthusiasm and professionalism: learning lines immediately, following stage directions precisely and always being ready to prompt others on stage. His performance as one of the lead characters was outstanding. He also sang confidently proving himself to be a talented and brilliant all round performer. Well done Liam!”

Liam’s parents wrote to us:
“We are extremely proud of our son and would like to thank you for this Award.”

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