THF Award winner Holly launches EP

May 12, 2015

slide3We recently heard from Holly Morwenna Rawlings, now aged 17, who  was awarded the Helen Foundation Award for “Best Endeavour in the Arts”, in July 2008, at Kenton Primary School, for her enthusiasm and commitment across the arts.  Holly wrote to us:

“I remember seeing the Helen Foundation Award being given, the previous year, to one of the older pupils, and I remember hoping that would be me the next year, and to my delight, I was awarded the glass trophy the following year when aged 10.

I was absolutely thrilled once I was given this award, and I remember carrying it home in the box, not wanting to even open it, in fear of scratching it! I was extremely proud of myself, and so grateful for the opportunities the teachers gave me, and I was really touched that they had noticed my love for the arts at such a young age. I think the Helen Foundation is an excellent cause, and I believe their awards are something every person will treasure for the rest of their lives. 

 I’d always loved the arts, music especially, but dancing and art also meant so much to me, and therefore I naturally felt compelled to be a part of the extra arts opportunities at my primary school. This involved being a member of choir through all of my primary school years, helping the younger years create dance routines, singing solos for school concerts and plays, and having a real passion and enthusiasm for the arts. 

The confidence the teachers and this award has given me, has set me up for the past 7 years (and future years!) to help me to develop as a performing artist. I am now a singer-songwriter, and perform regularly around the South West at festivals, gigs and private events. 

I have just released my debut EP Bloom  on itunes and other online stores, and am a part of BBC Introducing in Devon. I absolutely love what I do, and I am very thankful that I can do what I love. Performing has always been a part of me, and I will be forever grateful to those who believed in me at such a young age and continue to do so. Special thanks go to my wonderful primary school teachers, in particular, Mrs Lunn and Mrs Dye, my music teachers and my family. Without all their support, I would not be where I am today.

I lastly and most importantly want to thank the Helen Foundation for supporting he arts in our local area. “

Holly recently appeared at Powderham Castle performing her own songs in the music tent at the Toby Buckland Garden Festival. Appropriate to the appalling wet weather, Holly wore her wellies to give her performance lots of welly!


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