THF awards more Bursaries

May 5, 2013

April saw a number of bursary applications to The Helen Foundation from young people keen to pursue their dreams in the arts.  The Foundation requires that applicants prove that their parents/carers are in receipt of some form of government benefit: family or child tax credit, disability allowance, job seeker’s allowance etc.

The applications must be endorsed by a teacher or tutor at the young person’s school, or by a social worker. Applicants are then interviewed and Trustees consider their application. We protect the identity of applicants, some of whom are vulnerable young people, unless they specifically agree to having their names revealed. For this reason, we do not use their real names, nor reveal where they live or go to school or college.

MICHAEL is in the final year of his Arts Foundation course. He is an outstanding artist with a place already granted on one of Britain’s foremost jewellery and silversmithing courses. He needed help with materials for his Final Major Project at his current college and Trustees look forward to visiting his exhibition in June.

PAULA has a place on a Music Technology course starting in September and is one of the very few girls on the course. She needs specialised computer equipment for the course that her family simply cannot afford. The Foundation is able to loan this equipment to Paula and she looks forward to starting her course. She and her mother write: “We would like to thank  The Helen Foundation for its kindness and support in this matter and wait to hear when and how you would like us to sign the loan agreement. . Once again I would like to say thank you to your team for your support.”

JOHN has successfully applied for an Arts Foundation course but needed help with the course fees that the Foundation has been able to provide.  He writes: “I would just like to say thank you so much, and to pass my thanks onto the other Trustees as well. I am very grateful. This extremely generous bursary will be a massive help.”

LAURA wrote to THF to say: “I have had a strong passion for any performing arts as I take part in school productions and performances.  I come from a low-income family with a single mother too which sometimes stops me from having the money to perform or funds to get further.  In my primary school , in Year 6, I received the Helen Foundation Award for Best Endeavour in the Arts. It made me feel I was one step closer to my dream, wanting to go to a performing arts school…It would be so great if you could help me fulfil my dream of going to a theatre school.  I would be so grateful and happy.” Trustees considered Laura’s application, having talked to her with her mother, and were able to arrange for her to attend a weekly stage school in her local area.

KATIE contacted us for support with moving from learning the recorder to learning the flute. Endorsing her application, her teacher wrote: “She is conscientious and hard-working, always giving 100% effort in all she does. In class music lessons, Katie has shown good awareness of rhythm and a real enjoyment of music, with super pitch and listening skills.”

And her music teacher wrote: “Her reading of music and tone quality is very good and she is very keen to learn. She will make a very good flute player and has the potential to be an excellent musician.” The Foundation has been able to arrange flute lessons for Katie and for the hire of a flute.

These are just 5 of the 16 young people that the Foundation is currently supporting with THF bursaries.

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