THF funded poetry workshop by MED Theatre in Moretonhampstead

November 25, 2013

This terrifc group of young actors from Moretonhampstead School wrote and performed an orginal work based on myths from Dartmoor, one of the UK’s great wilderness areas that is on their doorstep.

Guided by MED Theatre, the group enjoyed an intense workshop experience which was made possible by funding from The Helen Foundation. The result was an orginal and memorable play, called The Village.


A key part of the workshop was the pupils’ own creative writing and we recently received a copy of this lovely piece written by Verena.

I stand in the echoing, empty hall: below me a stool topped by a woven cushion.
My lid is closed, latched: I feel trapped, locked inside…
Hours later, in the damp darkness I sense someone approach.
A deep fold creases the waiting cushioned seat.
My lid is unlatched, my voice is unleashed into the world.
Loose on its hinges, my lid is tipped open and, as the lid hits my body, an empty clunk echoes through the hallway.
The woman’s ghostly hand strokes my smooth keys, white as a basilisk’s tooth.

She plays…. I sing.

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