THF Fundraising update – July 2018

July 16, 2018


The Helen Foundation simply wouldn’t exist without the financial and other support from a very wide range of individuals and organisations.  THF Trustees are very grateful to them all.

Scott Richards

Winners of the annual Devon & Somerset Law Society (DASLS) award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Teignmouth-based solicitors Scott Richards selected the Helen Foundation as one of their charities of choice for the year.  A small team led by Sophie Radford organised a Summer barbecue at The Red Rock Brewery, Humber Farm near Bishopsteignton. Two young bands who had appeared at Powderham Live 2! in 2017  – The Piers and Stai Bene –  opened the evening with two excellent sets. The weather was perfect, the setting at Humber Farm is very beautiful, the food and drink were everything you would want from a really good barbecue, and all the guests were clearly determined to have a thoroughly enjoyable evening. It was a truly happy event and resulted in the outstanding amount of £2257 being raised for THF. Trustees wish to thank Scott Richards very warmly indeed for their generous support of the charity.


Paul & Nicola Burgess, Mayor & Mayoress of Teignmouth 2017-2018

From the beginning of their year of office in May 2017, Mayor and Mayoress Paul and Nicola Burgess selecting the Helen Foundation as one of the charities their mayoral fundraising would support. An outstanding successful year followed, resulting in over £15,000 being raised for more than 40 good causes in the local community. THF received a cheque for over £2500 and we wish to congratulate Paul & Nicola for their truly remarkable efforts in support of the community they served.  With two highly popular themed balls at Teignmouth golf course, including the pictured Mardi Gras Ball (Paul is left of picture, holding the microphone) and a host of other really well organised events, the year past in a whirl of activity. Thank you so much Paul and Nicola for your wonderful support. You are an inspiration!


Aaron Printers, Newton Abbot
Not all valuable donations to THF are in terms of cheques. Marcel Massey runs the really successful Aaron Printers in Newton Abbot.  Wherever possible, THF uses local businesses for the services it needs to keep going.  Printing is one of them and Marcel has been a source of advice and quality printing for the charity for a long time.  He recently offered to print the next generation of THF Award winner certificates – for free!  Here is Marcel with the latest certificates outside his shop.  Thank you so much, Marcel!


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