Update: The Helen Foundation Bursaries

October 7, 2018

Trustees of THF have approved 10 new bursaries so far this year, totalling over £3000, to young people Teignbridge with talents and ambitions in the arts but whose families lack the financial means to help them pursue their dreams. Youngsters aged between 7-19 and with long-term residency in Teignbridge may apply. Those seeking bursaries complete applications forms that need to be endorsed by an adult professional such as a teacher, youth leader, or drama director. Trustees evaluate the eligibility of the application and, if approved, see the young person with a parent or carer and verify the family’s financial eligibility.

One of this year’s applicants is Harry Ramsay, a skilled musician who successfully applied for a renewal of his THF Bursary and took his Grade 8 keyboard exam this summer.  Now 18, Jack has been supported by THF bursaries for a number of years and is on his way to university to study engineering.

He wrote in his bursary application letter just how grateful he is for the long-term support from THF that has helped him achieve his ambitions.  His music teacher wrote in her supporting statement:

“Jack has been a student of mine since for 10 years and I couldn’t be prouder of a student than I am of him.  At music events, Jack helps set up, operates the technical elements e.g. sound and lighting and helps us pack down.  He is a mature, well-rounded, honest lad with a dry sense of humour that often catches me out in lessons!  I cannot commend Jack enough for a further bursary (two terms only) and the Helen Foundation’s support has been invaluable.”

We wish Harry and all  THF bursary holders every success this year!

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