Where are they now…?

March 7, 2014

Aaaron Aaron Cumbers a 2013Cumbers received a THF bursary last summer to help purchase materials for a superb steel sculpture that formed part of his Final Presentation at his Foundation Art course at KEVICC in Totnes. Readers will probably remember Adam’s striking work.

He did so well on the course that he was offered a place on the  Jewellery & Silversmithing course in Birmingham.

Writing to THF Trustees, he says: “It is everything and more I hoped for. I have attached some images of the outcomes from my first two projects in which I achieved a Distinction for both.

The first project was “Small scale metalwork” in which we had to create an insect that utilised all of the metal-forming processes we had been taught.  The piece was unfinished at the time I had to take the photos. The second project  was “Multiple Production” in which we had to create an articulated bracelet that was to be produced from using the casting process.”


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