Where are they now?

October 17, 2013

Millie successfully applied for a full THF bursary for art materials for her final paintings on her Art Foundation course in 2012. and to be her starter kit for her London studies. She subsequently gained a place at the prestigious Wimbledon College of Art and completed her first year in June.

millie_paintingAs she starts her second year, she writes:
“Back in London ready to start my second year at Wimbledon having finished first year with a 2.1. The course teaches you work as a practicing artist so with no real structure, it’s been an eye opener learning to work so independently and on my own accord! I visited Berlin and Venice over the summer. Seeing the culture and art of those places has given me such inspiration for a new project I’ve got planned. I’m sticking to painting landscapes in oil paint but have chosen a far more abstract approach having had difficulties finding a comfortable spot to sit and paint in Central London!

As always, so grateful to THF, who have kept in consistent contact throughout the year, thank you!”

Pictured is a recent landscape by Millie

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