Workshop July 2014 – James Lake sculptures at Dawlish Community College

September 19, 2014

thf_images_600x350_jameslakeJames Lake creates, out of strong cardboard, sculptures inspired by the human form, sharing his expertise with the children. This workshop focused on the human skull. Students feel challenged by the tasks he sets and always seem to find new ways to build on the basic concepts.

Nell:   “It exceeded my expectations as I didn’t think I would enjoy working with such basic materials – but I did!  The best bit was decorating the skulls, as they were individual. “

Daisy: “We get to have control of the equipment and use as much as we needed.  And we were in pairs, not large groups.”

Well done everyone!  Always an amazing experience to start the day with nothing, just some simple materials, and to end it with one’s own beautiful and imaginatively created forms!  

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