Workshop July 2014 – Naomi Vincent at Dawlish Community College

September 19, 2014

Naomi Vincent specializes in sculptures created from natural found materials like seeds, feathers, drift-wood, shells etc. to exquisite forms often with a fantasy element to them. Students produced some very beautiful and creative work under her guidance

Harvey: “The best bit was making housing out of all the different materials”
Lauren: “It was fun and different to what we have done before”
Chloe: “I really enjoyed today’s work as we started from scratch and had to use our imagination.”

Naomi Vincent, the artist, herself writes:

“A big thank you to the Helen Foundation for funding this inspirational workshop at Dawlish Community College last week. The students ,teachers and I enjoyed it enormously! The work produced was incredible. Such a wonderful opportunity for the students to be truly creative, to be guided by their own unique imaginations!

I have been inspired by what they achieved, they took this work to quite an unexpected level. They were all proud of their outcomes and the workshop itself was a hive of inspired creativity for all! A memorable and influential experience!”

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